Strategic Marketing Consultancy

Much of our consultancy (see ‘Who is in our team’ for specific experience) focuses on ‘either end’ of the product life-cycle; pre-launch (phase II to IIIb/IV), launch and immediate post-launch activity including managed entry and market access programmes. And, subsequently, brand protection, brand extension and managed-exit.

All directors of Europa Consulting have worked in senior positions within major blue-chip pharmaceutical companies in a number of marketing and allied roles. As a result of this experience we are able to understand your environment, your key issues, critical success factors and brand objectives (and financial expectations) quickly, and develop a strategic plan to achieve them. Our colleagues specialise in distilling your clinical evidence into a clear and comprehensive communications strategy.

In addition, and If required, we can take on a marketing or brand manager role within your organisation or work alongside your team, providing an external ‘sounding board’ during your strategic planning process.


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