Market Access Programmes

Europa supports organisations in steering the right strategic course through a rapidly changing NHS environment. We also shift the payer’s mindset to consider not just drug cost but ‘whole system’ healthcare costs and develop payer strategy for changing attitudes and shifting mindsets.

We work with independent experts to better understand the ‘drivers’ for brand-loyalty, to advise on methods to successfully achieve objectives and assist in the development and delivery of appropriate and compelling information such as Market Access Programmes and Toolkits that include health economic evidence and budget impact models.

We provide an unmatched understanding of the New NHS, the nature of the changing customer groups, the new requirements of non-prescribing customers, the wider implications for the Pharmaceutical Industry of the current series of healthcare reforms and likely health futures. We provide you with unrivalled experience in how to work with NHS managers involved in both policy development and policy implementation through ‘NHS Liaison’ type activities. These activities include helping companies and the NHS alike to develop prescribing strategies that contribute to the achievement of national and local priorities.




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